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Find out why these schools made the switch and now get MORE leads:

  • Fit to Fight Gastonia & Charlotte
  • USA Karate Fitness
  • The BAMS
  • Steve Sohn Krav Maga Training Center
  • Vortex Martial Arts
  • DePalma's USA Karate
  • and more...

"Since switching our website and social media marketing to Abbi Ai, our leads have tripled and our lead response rates have doubled. It’s been truly incredible." - Ryan Hoover, Fit to Fight® Owner & CEO

"I've recently switched my web site and online marketing to Abbi.AI. Wow what a difference! I don't know what they ar edoing but all 8 of our location's leads and paid appointments went up 10-fold. It was almost instant from the day it switched over.

Our schools have been open since 1986 and one thing that I've learned in all these years is to work with people you trust and have a history with. The person who started Abbi.AI is the same person who originally started 97 Display many years back. I was one of the first clients when all this online stuff was new. He realy made my school grow then and earned my turst.

Before I switched to Abbi.AI, my leads were 0 to 2 per month for the last year, it was time to investigate something new. As we were looking, a call came in from Abbi.AI and since he made teh magic in the past, we went for it. And BOOM! I would highly recommend Abbi.AI and offer you to tke the ride with us. "
-- Kyoshi Fred DePalma, DePalma's TEAM USA Martial Arts and

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